Tweak growing up on methamphetamines

Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. Instead of working towards positive changes and a better life, he thought it was more productive to constantly name drop and obsess over some old washed out rock stars famous ex girlfriend. This book was actually written in response to a book by David Sheff called Beautiful Boy , about the experience of dealing with his son's addiction s and their consequences for his family.

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In its own way, this book was hard to put down, despite its shortcomings. Nic is honest about the toll drugs are having on his body -- also, he talks about his girlfriend's heroin overdose and saving her life with CPR.

It's a harrowing portrait—but not one without hope. At the end of the book, we learn that Nic is now clean and dealing with his demons on an everyday basis. Also his father's book Beautiful Boy is good too. I feel incredibly sorry for the author that he sacrificed his body and soul for drugs.

Such a worthwhile and important read, especially coupling it with David Sheff's book written from a father's perspective.

Mentor Text 1 1 3 Nov 13, My least favorite is the main character Nic because although he "learns from his mistake" and "gets sober" throughout the book, he STILL ends up tweal everyone over and relapsing. Nic graphically describes the sex he has with his girlfriends.

The schtick is a pretty good one - the drug addicted son writing his version and his father writing his own version, but the execution is just awful.

Not once in the pages he wrote about his life grrowing he in reflect about the ways in which money, social status, gender, and the color of his skin affect his addiction and recovery process. I would not recommend for young readers due to content. This book was actually written in response to a book by David Sheff called Beautiful Boyabout the experience of dealing with his son's addiction s and their consequences for his family.

This book is heavy emotionally. It not only affects the person using but the personal relationships they have, as well.

I'm not sure I even believe it now.

What else can you give me? Now cut and paste that over and over and over until you are so dead inside that you just don't give a fuck if he gets run over by a bus.

Tweak: Growing Up On Methamphetamines

Want to Read saving…. I am sure the movie starring so g Honestly after reading Beautiful Boy this book was a let down.

Nic holds nothing back, and what is left on the page is something that is c This is the memoir by Nic Sheff that accompanies his father, David's, memoir. Never has meth addiction seemed so boring. Uo have never in my reading history stopped reading mid-sentence, closed the book, hunted in the trash for the receipt and returned it. February 5, Number of pages: Holiday Hacks By Keith Bradford. I gained a great deal of insight into the devastation of addiction.

It's a damn good book.

Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines

The story starts with Nic Sheff running around the streets as a twenty-something looking for drugs with his loser friends. Nic narrates his own story, and provides a blunt look at what he has done to score drugs from stealing from his younger brother to prostituting himself. About these links Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization, earns a small affiliate fee from Amazon or iTunes when you use our links to make a purchase. Illegal drugs methammphetamines just affect the person doing them but their own family.

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Tweak: Growing Up On Methamphetamines by Nic Sheff

It just dragged me through the experience of spending time with a selfish sociopathic tweaker again. I like to re-read this one every now methamphhetamines then in between 'big reads' as it has an easy flow and the author, a drug addict, has some wild escapades. This is Nic's true story, of growing up on Meth, and unless you have also overcome such a drug, it's not your place to call him a horrible, pathetic person.

Fired up for books!

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