James potter and the curse of the gatekeeper

Refresh and try again. To think that ghosts could find love after death Such a plot twist at the end!! During the Sorting Ceremony, we have two not so surprising sorts: After the novel first appeared on a website in early November , some Harry Potter fans on the Internet initially speculated that the site might be part of an elaborate viral marketing campaign for an official continuation or spinoff of Harry Potter , one either written or at least approved by Rowling herself.

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I feel like reading some of the chapters was a chore. Scorpius, however, needs to be in Gryffindor. No hard feelings now, was just me going through the motions, lol James returns to school, with Albus, his younger brother and Rose, the daughter of Ron and Hermione.

Furthermore, the introduction was just plain rude and off-putting, and certainly did not help when I tried to ease into the second book in hopes of some enjoyment after failing to with the first. Those who do not agree should either write something better, if they can, or go read something else and leave us hatekeeper our reading.

That was something that was out of nowhere.

James Potter Curse of the Gatekeeper Review- A Gamer Magazine

You are commenting using your Twitter account. I'm not saying I completely trust Merlin, but I doubt he'd do anything intentionally evil. Well, turns out I was wrong. And this one did. The trio seeing if he is good or evil. Yes, it is a fan-fiction and for those of you who don't know, a fan fiction is basically a writing done by a fan using the characte I have to admit, the first book was so much better than this one.

So there you have it. This book could have used the firm but loving hand of a copy-editor.

James Potter and the Hall of Elders' Crossing

But James did the right thing and refused the offer and with the help of Merlin banishing him back to oblivion. Trust is a major theme this time around. And another big shock is to find Albus getting into Slytherin and Draco into Gryffindor.

Bunch of frustration, concept Norman Lippert Goodreads Author.

James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper (Second Edition Cover).jpg

I got giddy when Scorpius actually helps Rose and James throughout the story almost as if he is what Neville Longbottom was to Harry and gang. View all 22 potrer. I thought the filler scenes of what was happening on Voldemort's side during the The Deathly Hallows the dagger scene that Snape remembers was excellent. Also, Lippert uses his imagination and makes stuff up that are only his, but those stuff just manage to destroy the story.

So with now positive opinions I entered the second book.

He frequently revisits many of the books and the characters we love will adding in his own spins and turns to the story and new characters. I highly recommend both of these James Potters books to any Harry Potter fans open to reading a sequel.

There are parts of it that if I were to re-read that I would skip over, but on the whole the story itself is still well intact and worth a casual glance if you have the time. Darker for a more grown up HP reader.

I enjoy the way he introduces historical characters Merlin, Ben Franklyn, and others into the Potter world. Nicely done Five out of Five Gatekefper His suspicion is similarly aroused by those of the Slytherin house, unsurprisingly. Even the bloodline was handed to them on a silver platter.

As of right now, however, these can only be found at the official James Potter website. This first is the Hall of Elder's Crossing. One of my favorite quotes was from Rose Weasley, daughter of Ron and Hermione, when being pressured to help James with a homework assignment, "you obviously have me confused with someone else It establishes incontrovertible rules and then breaks them a few pages later.

And Muggle can't be a Slytherin, he's a Muggle-born!

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