On the drop event this value is being reset to the list of files, so after processing I need to reset it. Uniface uses a team development, model-driven, component-based development CBD approach that actually takes place in three phases: On more than one occasion I encountered a situation where developers put all their code in the component.

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Uniface – Bloor Research

He holds a software engineering degree from Technical University Delft and lives in the Netherlands. This page was last edited on 8 Septemberat Other features included improved color handling, dynamic menus, an XML API, a diagram editor for the Application Model; cross-referencing functionality to support refactoring and deployment, and enhanced web services functionality.

Connectivity and interoperability were improved and a method for implementing a 3-tier application architecture was introduced. By using a centralized repository, application development can be shared over teams of software developers. So if someone enters a negative value we reset the value to 0. Component only, when it is really specific. The name Uniface originated from Uni versal Inter faceand it was possible to develop one Uniface app and deploy it on those old GUI platforms which we used to support thanks to the Uniface specific widgets such as the unifield.

Just get your own cool looking image file and play around with the properties to get it right. Uniface has a strong professional services organisation, offering consultancy and training, and has some 96 offices worldwide, in 32 countries.

Uniface (company)

Others cover matters such as validation or act as place holders for methods associated with the iniface object. In the fifth line the forlist command extracts a value from my droptarget field and inserts it in the variable.

Model definitions can be reused and inherited by components, which can override inherited definitions and provide component-specific behavior and characteristics.

Japanese character support was also introduced. If it is a very specific non-modeled entity, it can be only in the component. There will be a significant Uniface 10 release in September, but this is something for another posting next month.

After you drop them, the File name box is updated with the list of files that you dropped. It develops the Uniface programming language.

Java later followed Uniface in this respect. This code contains no field references and is of a more technical nature. Code does not reference a field or an entity.

Uniface (programming language) - Wikipedia

This is a short session about D3. The approach that Uniface took to modernize their UDE was shared both at developer conferences and on their community website Uniface. Uniface is a development and deployment platform for enterprise applications that can run in a large range of runtime environments, including mobile, mainframe, web, Service-oriented architecture SOAWindowsJava EE and.

These automatically have "AA" mass audience level W3C Accessibility compliance, an important aspect of modernisation.

This session is part II of the introduction JavaScript session. In this case there is only one place to put your code. In this case, I would put it in a service that can be called from other locations as well. If you need it in other places, you should move the code to the library and include it where required. In an upcoming blog post, I will go into more detail comparing all options.

Uniface Global Network Community

Uniface now lets you build applications with a much more modern UI, exploiting for example Portable Network Graphics PNGnew "sexier" buttons even in existing apps and new tab designs. The modelled ones and the unifacd ones. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In the triggers of the component, in the triggers of the non-database entity, or in the triggers of the non-database field. No worries you need to make one small change and it will work.

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