Perfumes the a-z guide

I love pouring through books like this as actual reading not merely reference , and you could certainly read it cover-to-cover. I actually read this book cover-to-cover because the hilarious put downs and ingenious deconstructions of the one star fragrances are just as interesting as those for the five star items. I had been taking the older version of Perfumes:

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The star ratings will not persuade me or dissuade me from smelling as many perfumes as I can just yuide I can form my own opinion too. You won't be able to resist reading Turin's reviews about your favourite scents or scents that you despise.

Perfume Reviews | Perfumes: the Guide

Jun 09, GraceAnne rated it really liked it. While I value their opinions and guids funny, smart Feedback If you need help or have a question for Customer Service, contact us. I don't wear perfume much. No eBook available Amazon. Jul 09, Walter Tay rated it liked it.

A nifty glossary Perfumes: Penguin Books April 10, Publication Date: Perfumes The Guide Tho, much like school textbooks, this easily is the type of tome that gets an N th ed Nothing else quite like it out there, at the moment.

Perfumes: The Guide by Luca Turin

I didn't always agree with their ratings, but they are so knowlegeable and pursuasive in their explanations for each review that I have to admit I am now reevaluating my previous decisions on a number of perfumes. There's a lot of stinky water out there, and some guise is just perfect, and this book helps readers understand WHY.

They are married and divide their time between Boston and London. The way you can love a person for one quality despite myriad faults, you can sometimes love a perfume for one particular moment or effect, even if the rest is trash.

I got this one from the library and decided that I need to have my own copy, preferably in hardcover, ugide I love the quality of the guidw and heft of the book in my hands.

I've been interested in perfumes for about 5 years now, before that perfume used to make me physically ill, glad that is no longer the case!

I would kill to go to dinner with these two authors just to enjoy the witty, fun conversation that would ensue.

Some people who have read the fhe have been offended that the scents that they love A brilliant discussion of many of the perfumes available as well as information about the perfume industry and male and female scents.

There's a problem loading this menu right now. The Chemistry of Fragrances: Share your thoughts with other customers. Do you believe that this item violates a copyright?

Hundreds of different perfumes are reviewed, sometimes with a si This guidd is tough to rate. His opinions are knowledgeable, excoriating, final, enthralled, and visibly stem from a profound love of scent.

Most of the scents I like are maligned or dismissed by Turin and Sanchez as "simple," "too clean," "too generic," "mass produced", or "has been done before and done better. As ofthis delightfully written guide to perfume stands as one of a kind.

Perfumes: The Guide

They are very opinionated, which I found refreshing. As for people being upset about their reviews, they're just opinions. But it also has some interesting bits of history and cultural information in the first few Inexplicably, I love the ridiculous blue box, which must have changed little in the last thirty years, with its retro typeface and bold claims of raw biological effectiveness.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Turin is that absolute rarity: I decided to get my own copy when the updated A to Z guide came out and am very glad I did. Baby Grace Philosophy 's review asserts, "Never to be outdone in cuteness, Philosophy's packaging explains, "If God has a guie, surely it is that of a child, and if there is a place called heaven, it must smell like a baby.

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